6 Week Body Transformation! Michael Thurmond Diet

Changing body shapes is hard, and you must be scratching your head to find the best way to get a good body shape, lose a couple of kilos and get in shape to fit into that dress or pants. But are you finding no luck in this endeavor? Every time you think about weight loss, you get into a gym and see many diet plans, but none of them provide the best results, do they? However, you might even get nauseous after all the energy loss from various diet plans.

But don’t worry, the plan to lose weight in quick succession is not a hoax, and with Michael Thurmond Diet, you can get into shape within six days; all you need to do is stay in the routine and keep your determination up!

The 6 Day Diet by Michael Thurmond

As you may know, Michael Thurmond, from his various TV appearances, is an expert personal trainer who helps many participants to get into shape and lose their weight; of course, there is effort involved in this diet plan, but at the same time, you are getting results quick in return of your efforts.

The diet plan consists of 6 days of eating food, according to Michael Thurmond Diet. The participant can lose about 10 pounds in 6 days if they do this diet the correct way that it should be done. The diet involves high protein, low fat, and low carbohydrates. This type of planning helps to reduce calorie intake to 1200 per day.

The diet is mixed with low-intensity exercises that are to be done for longer periods and consistently without breaks to keep the body moving and getting better consistently. The foods recommended by specialist Michael Thurmond are chicken breast, turkey breast, egg whites, green vegetables, and other important nutrients that have low or no-fat; you also need to drink 12 glasses of water daily and exercise for 60 minutes nonstop. A longer period of rest or a break in the 6-day program can cost you losing the whole diet, so you need to stay on your best-disciplined self.