Why Does Stretching Feel Good To Your Body?

Stretching is a physical activity aimed at stretching the muscles. It is practiced slowly, patiently, and very carefully. It can be done as a real meditation; it can be a simple relaxing activity or an integral part of any sport. It is good to practice physical activities after warming up the muscles with small, simple, and repetitive movements. Once the muscle bundles have acquired a good temperature, they enjoy greater elasticity, are flexible and elastic and lend themselves more safely to stretching.

Why it is important for your body

Inside the muscles, through the veins and capillaries, blood passes, an essential liquid for the life of any tissue present within our physical structure.

Blood represents our lifeblood, and this, if it does not flow smoothly, can generate various physical complications. For the blood to flow properly within our body, the veins must not receive any pressure from the muscles.

The spaces between the bones, in the joints or joints, also depend on the musculature’s right tension. If this is too tight or rigid, the bones compress each other, thus consuming the cartilage tissues that are between the bones quickly, thus exceeding their natural regeneration time.

 Essential for your health

Therefore, stretching is essential for the proper functioning of our skeletal structure and our blood circulation, but not only. This activity represents one of the greatest precautions against any muscle injury: tears, strains, contractures, inflammation, etc.

If practiced consistently for even just 30 minutes a day, it generates a great feeling of lightness and safety in carrying out any movement that is part of our daily life. The whole organism enjoys greater oxygenation; therefore, there is a significant increase in one’s physical sensations, becoming more sensitive to one’s body’s perception.

Why Does Stretching Feel Good To Your Body? There are physical conditions where stretching can be counterproductive. When you are intoxicated by any drug or poison such as nicotine, caffeine, etc … the muscles, being more dehydrated and poor in the minerals used to repair the multiple damages that these substances bring to our systems, if stimulated and stretched, can suffer wear and tear. It would be like trying to give elasticity to a piece of fabric without water.